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6 Questions You Should Ask About Medical Cannabis In Utah

Summary If you suffer from Chronic Pain, Nausea, PTSD, or other Qualifying Condition, then it is possible to find relief through medical cannabis in Utah. In this article you will find helpful information specific to Utah's medical cannabis program.

Does my Utah medical cannabis card work outside the state of Utah?

Your Utah medical card or letter is for use in Utah only and does not protect you or give you access to medical cannabis outside of Utah. However, we have heard feedback from our patients that there is reciprocity at some dispensaries in Nevada, Colorado, and California. 

Your Utah card does not guarantee you access to medical pricing outside of the state of Utah. You may be able to go to dispensaries in those states with your Utah card and have access to their medical cannabis at medical pricing at their discretion. The medical discount price is anywhere between 15 - 30% depending on the state and the dispensary.

Some dispensaries may choose not to honor Utah medical cards.  Each cannabis program is individually managed by the state, and it is illegal on the federal level to cross state lines with any type of cannabis product.  To date, there hasn’t been an arrest of a patient with a medical letter/card with cannabis in their possession, as long as the patient had amounts under state limits for medical use. 

Where can I go to get my medical cannabis?

There are new dispensaries opening throughout the state on a regular basis. Utah Marijuana has a the best comprehensive list that they update on a regular basis.

How is Utah medical cannabis law different from cannabis laws in surrounding states where it's recreationally legal i.e. Nevada & Colorado?

Utah law restricts cannabis use to medical purposes only.  Medicine is not smoked so any cannabis consumption that requires the use of a flame is illegal in Utah. However, patients can vaporize cannabis, both unprocessed flower and concentrates, with an electric device.

The most up-to-date studies indicate that vaporizing and inhaling is less harmful to the respiratory system than smoking.  Medicine is not candy so anything that's a flavored gummy, chocolate, candy bar, or brownie is not allowed in Utah.   Tinctures, gel cubes, and other medical ways of administering medical cannabis are allowed.

Utah law requires any medical cannabis to be stored in a childproof container and sealed at all times when not being used. Keep in mind it’s illegal to drive under the influence of cannabis and your card will not protect you from a DUI. 

What are the correct cannabis strains for me to be using for my PTSD, chronic pain, Alzheimer’s, or other qualified health conditions?

For any questions regarding what strains, products, and routes of administration are best for you, please utilize the highly educated and specialized pharmacists at the dispensary for any of your questions. They are trained and specialized in products offered in Utah.

As well as how to safely and correctly utilize medical cannabis for the symptoms that you are trying to manage as well as your goals of treatment. Your medical provider will likely refer you to the pharmacist at the dispensary for specific questions about medical cannabis.  

What is the best way to avoid unwanted side effects of cannabis?

The best way to avoid unwanted side effects is to start with the lowest most effective dose. This can take a bit of experimenting around because patients respond differently to similar doses. If you're getting unwanted side effects, lower the dose or change products until the unwanted side effect goes away.

If you're not getting the positive effect you desire, increase the dose or change products until you're getting the effect you want. If the side effects become unmanageable speak with your medical provider or pharmacist.

How much is my medical cannabis going to cost me each month?

Based on the patients we’ve seen at our office, the average cannabis patient is using approximately $65 worth of medical cannabis each month. For heavy users, the cost can be much more.

Utah law limits patients to purchase 113 grams of unprocessed flower per month. There are patients who use as little as $15 per month. Most patients will fall somewhere in between. Visit the dispensary websites for pricing.