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Medical Providers

Rita Rutland | APRN | Medical Director | Founder

I'm a Family Nurse practitioner. I primarily specialize in adult medicine. My focus is health promotion rather than disease management. Lifestyle modification rather than medications. My background is alternative health and sports medicine. I grew up in Japan immersed in holistic medicine and was a personal trainer before transitioning into a nursing career. I worked over 15 years as a nurse before becoming a Nurse Practitioner. I provide fee for service/concierge medicine tailored to the needs of my patients; phone consults, telemedicine, and in office appointments. I look forward to working with you on your health goals.

Marissa Dufur | APRN

Hi, I am Marissa Dufur. I am a Nurse Practitioner. I started my journey in health care as a CNA in high school. I attended UVU then switched to Broadview University for my associates of applied science in nursing and graduated in December 2010. I started working as a RN in Feb 2011.

I began my nursing career in hospice, transitioned to home health for a few years, then moved to the hospital working in neuro ICU. I had my first child after working in the hospital and the long shifts no longer worked for our family. I was introduced to Sutter Care at home where I was a phone triage nurse for nearly 6 years. While working phone triage I completed my bachelor's degree in nursing through Independence University. I returned to working in the hospice field in the community in fall of 2020. Doing so helped me to realize that I needed to once again return to school to further my education and become a nurse practitioner. 

I enrolled with United States University Spring of 2021 and graduated in June 2023 as a Family Practice Nurse Practitioner with a Master of Science in Nursing. Prior to completing my Masters, I worked as a Registered Nurse for 12.5 years. I have experience in hospice, home health, phone triage and ICU. 

I have a passion for primary care across the life span, pain management, hormone balancing, wellness, weight loss and peptides. I enjoy being efficient, listening to others and learning from them. I look forward to providing high quality holistic care and encouraging wellness for you and your family at Restorative Health.   

Emily Dettenmaier |  APRN

I'm a nurse practitioner with an extensive work history of pediatric cardiology. I'm passionate about long term solutions to the health problems my patients face.

Brittany Morrill | Lead Medical Assistant

I am the lead medical assistant here at the clinic. I work hard to provide a safe space, both physical and mental to inspire the healing process. It's quite the phenomenon to see the conversations and care that takes place here, changing the course of so many lives. I aspire to continue my education both in experience and schooling to be a medical provider to continue on this work. I am also probably the funniest person you'll meet so don't let this boring monolog give you expectations on my non sophisticated personality. I will get your I.V in no problem, they call me "The I.V Goddess" round these parts.   

Kolton Thomas | Med Tech | IV Specialist 

I am relatively new to Restorative Health but I am very grateful to have already helped so many people through their healing journeys. Before I came to Restorative Health, I spent many years working as a caretaker. My experience caretaking helps me intuitively care for patients facing a variety of different circumstances. My goal is to help people however I am best able; I strive to continue learning how to support my patients in both their physical and mental health.  

Guides | Therapists

Matthew Randak (they/them) | Ketamine Integration Guide | Med Tech IV Specialist

My goal as a ketamine guide is to create a safe and comfortable space for each patient I work with. I studied psychology at Westminster College and I rely on contemporary scientific research to inform my practice. 

I have learned a lot while working as a ketamine guide over the past year. The experience I continue to gain each day teaches me to best support patients through their transformative experiences. Overall, I draw from my college education, my own independent research, my life experiences, my experience on the job, various patient anecdotes, and the wisdom from my many mentors and friends.

Admittedly, I do not subscribe to any spiritual or metaphysical modalities for healing, however, I do believe that through empathy, love, and patience I can effectively help anyone navigate their ketamine experiences.

I have been amazed to see so many lives changed by ketamine over the last year, mine included. Ketamine has been the best thing by far for my depression and anxiety, although I have also seen ketamine used effectively to treat PTSD, addiction, eating disorders, and chronic pain.

I am very passionate about psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and I would love to talk about the science of psychedelics with anyone who is curious. If you would like to chat, feel free to email me at  

Rochelle Owens | Ketamine Integration Guide

Hello, I'm Rochelle, an integrative guide and advocate for holistic care. I have a diverse background that encompasses human relations, community outreach, sound healing, and empathic guidance. I am committed to accompanying you on your journey of self-discovery.

I believe that true healing involves addressing the deeper layers of our emotional and spiritual selves. Through intuitive insights, I guide you on a profound exploration of your thoughts and feelings, helping you uncover sources of healing and growth that may have remained hidden. This unique approach goes beyond traditional methods, allowing you to tap into your inner wisdom and embark on a transformative journey. 

At Restorative Health Primary Care, we prioritize creating a safe and compassionate space where you can freely express yourself without judgment. This allows you to explore your emotions, thoughts, and experiences in a supportive environment. 

As a sound healer, I harness the power of sound vibrations to guide you towards a state of tranquility and healing. Somatic sound sessions provide a unique opportunity to experience profound relaxation, stress relief, and a sense of inner peace. Somatic sound sessions in combination with ketamine therapy can lead to profound and powerful experiences 

Healing extends beyond the individual, encompassing the communities we are a part of. Through active community outreach efforts, I am dedicated to sharing the knowledge and tools needed to promote mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being on a broader scale. Workshops, talks, and collaborative initiatives are just a few of the ways we engage with our local community to foster understanding, compassion, and resilience. 

I look forward to assisting you on your healing journey. <3

Office Management

Athena Rutland | Office Manager

Greetings, Athena here, the Office Manager extraordinaire at Restorative Health Primary Care. Some might say I'm the secret weapon behind the scenes, but I prefer to think of myself as the mastermind orchestrating the smooth functioning of this fantastic healthcare establishment. 

As the daughter of the founder, Rita Rutland, I felt it was my duty to support my amazing mother in her quest to heal the world (or at least the fine folks in our neighborhood). So I decided to put my multi-tasking skills to good use, obtain an arsenal of colorful sticky-notes and make sense of a structure to help build an up and coming business.

While I may not hold a medical degree, I've learned a thing or two about healing from my mother. I've mastered the art of calming anxious patients with a friendly smile and a reassuring word. Whether it’s making sure that appointments run smoothly, managing the chaos of administrative wonders, and my uncanny ability to find pens when everyone else has given up, I take it all in stride. 

I take my role seriously despite my touch of humor and a lot of caffeine. Together, we'll navigate the ups and downs of healthcare, and hopefully, make your journey a little brighter. In the end, I'm just here to help keep the ship sailing smoothly at Restorative Health but honestly, I don’t know, I just work here. 

Tyler Beckstead | Patient Coordinator

I am thrilled to pursue a career at Restorative Health as a Patient Coordinator. I am joining this esteemed organization in honor of the profound impact Ketamine has had on my life and the life of my mother, Rochelle. She is now a Ketamine Integration Guide at our facility!

My personal journey with mental health challenges has been a profound one, shaping me into the resilient and empathetic individual I am today. Experiencing the life-changing benefits of Ketamine myself, I am now deeply committed to helping others find their path to healing and restoration.

As the lead patient coordinator, I am excited to be the first point of contact for our patients. Welcoming them with a warm smile, empathy, and compassion is my top priority. I understand that seeking treatment for mental health can be daunting and intimidating, so I strive to create a welcoming and safe environment for each individual who walks through our doors.

In addition to managing the front desk, I will also be responsible for administrative tasks, including scheduling appointments, maintaining patient records, and aiding with the clinical aspect of patient’s needs to make your time with us a smooth sailing one! With my attention to detail and strong organizational skills, I am confident in my ability to ensure a smooth and efficient patient experience.

My goal is to work closely with patients, their families, and medical professionals to ensure a seamless and compassionate experience throughout their therapeutic journey at Restorative Health. 

William Beesley | Founder | Marketing Director

I research and develop medical offerings that have the highest likelihood of positive results with the least likelihood of unhelpful side effects.  I work to heal through awareness.

Liseli Palacios | IT Management

I am a chemical engineering student, I like technology and helping people has become my passion. Seeing how people improve their quality of life and achieve things they once thought impossible is something that changes you and encourages you every day to do your part in making this world a better place. Here at Restorative Health we try our hardest to provide the best care and help our patients in any way we can, to see them walk out the door feeling better and happier is our goal.

Lisa Palacios Digital Media Management Headshot

Lisa Palacios | Digital Media Management

I am an industrial engineering student who is also a social development, technology, and wellness enthusiast, and I believe firmly in the use of innovation and creativity to produce positive change. 

My first and foremost goal is to serve and help. Here at Restorative Health, I have the opportunity to achieve it every single day, having the possibility to improve my skills and develop myself as a person and individual in a community where everyone works for the well-being of others. 

With a background as a high-competition table tennis athlete, I've learned that mental health is primordial to live a happy, functional, and effective life and that physical health is crucial to enjoying every moment without pain nor regrets, and that's why Restorative Health is an excellent place to accomplish this mission by serving people and helping them live an enjoyable life.