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Welcome to Restorative Health

We provide safe effective treatments for people seeking relief from

Addiction | Anxiety | Depression | Bipolar Disorders | Chronic Pain | Fibromyalgia | Inflammatory Pain | Lyme Disease | Migraines | PTSD | Neuropathy

We work to improve the lives of our patients and have had incredible success with ketamine infusions. Our focus is health promotion through proper disease management.

We provide world-class medical care for affordable prices and value-effective treatments, transparency, and patient education. By employing proven medical techniques and listening to the feedback we work to deliver positive health outcomes.

Our goal is to see consistent improvement in our patient's lives.

Treatment Prices | Text for Details | 385-449-0565

Ketamine Prices Picture Header

Ketamine Intravenous Drip $245

Ketamine intramuscular $180

Ketamine Intravenous Push $245

Medical Cannabis Prices Picture Header

Medical Cannabis Evaluation $180

6-month Renewal $130

90-day Renewal $50

Appointment Type Prices Picture Header

15-min Visit $50

30-min Visit $100

45-min Visit $150

60-min Visit $200

Hormone Therapy Prices Picture Header

Hormone Therapy $200

Cost of labs is separate

Case Management Prices Picture Header

1-hour Patient Consultation $50

Palliative Care Prices Picture Header

Prices Vary

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Who we're for

We work with people managing chronic health issues who hope to better their lives but have been frustrated by the limitations of past treatment plans.

Traditional treatment plans work for many patients but not all. Restorative health is here to help those who continue to suffer.

We partner with healthcare professionals seeking the most effective solutions for patients struggling to improve their health.

We respect our patients by performing the best medical treatments we can and our patients honor us with their kind public comments and referring their loved ones to us.

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