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Questions answered by Rita Rutland

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Q: How does the Ketamine infusion feel?

A: Ketamine is a dissociative anesthesia and it temporarily cuts off the communication between the brain and the body so the brain is left on its own to interpret life without any input from the exterior. This can cause some people to experience a feeling of disconnection from their body like they're floating and see or perceive things that are not visible or experienced by others in the room.

Q: Is the Ketamine Infusion scary?

A: Rarely is the ketamine experience scary but it can have the potential to be. We minimize this potential by ensuring a safe, quiet, and comfortable space, and stay with you throughout the entire experience.

Q: How long before I'm functional again?

A: Most people feel fully functional within about two hours after an IV treatment. Injections leave the system slower and therefore may take longer to be fully recover from the anesthesia effects.

Q: How long after ketamine before I can drive?

A: When doing the treatments in the office we require a driver or some other means of transportation that does not involve the patient driving for at least 2 hours after the treatment.