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We specialize in treating:

Addiction | Anxiety | Depression | Bipolar Disorders | Chronic Pain | Fibromyalgia | Inflammatory Pain | Lyme Disease | Migraines | PTSD | Neuropathy

We work to improve the lives of our patients and we've had incredible success with ketamine treatment infusions. Our focus is on health promotion rather than disease management.

We provide world class medical care for affordable prices and value effective treatments, transparency and educated patients. By employing proven medical techniques and listening to feedback we seek to deliver health outcomes that have our patients referring their loved ones to us.

Our goal is that one day our patients walk out of the office cured.

Map of Utah and Idaho to show coverage for house call appointments done by Restorative Health Primary Care & Ketamine

We do house calls:

Treatment Prices

Call for details 385-449-0565

ketamine treatment infusion price list column header

Intravenous Ketamine Infusion Treatment $225

Intra-Muscular Ketamine Infusion Treatment $180

Intravenous Drip Ketamine Infusion $245

Medical Cannabis Marijuana Cards Green Cross

Medical Cannabis Marijuana Evaluation New Patient $215

Medical Cannabis Marijuana Evaluation Existing Patient $180

Medical Cannabis Renewal $130

patient visit price list column header

15 Min Visit $45

30 Min Visit $90

1 Hour Visit $180

Sports Physical $45

phone consultation price list column header

Phone Consult $45

Phone Prescription Refill $45

hormone therapy price list column header

Testosterone Therapy $180

Hormone Therapy for Women $180

Primary Care Insurance price list column header

Unlimited Individual Concierge Plan $50

Unlimited Family Concierge Plan $125

Allergy testing price list column header

Non-Invasive Sensitivity and Intolerance to Allergens Test $75

house calls price list column header

Sick Visit in Home (Alternate to Instacare or ER visit) - Additional $50

Photo button of brain picture that links to Helpful Advice to Improve Outcomes with Ketamine Infusions article

Summary: As we treat our patients we have noticed certain steps can be taken to increase the likelihood of a positive outcomes with less long term depression, pain and anxiety as well as mitigating common negative side effects associated with ketamine infusions. This article is based on the available scientific research and our antidote evidence of polling our patients before, and after their treatments. As we continue to treat our patients we will update this article with anything we see as helpful to individuals considering ketamine infusions.

We respect our patients by performing the best medical treatments we can and our patients honor us with their kind public comments and referring their loved ones to us.

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