Qualifying Documentation Examples Medical Cannabis

All information in the examples below has been fabricated and any similarities to real life situations are coincidental.

PTSD Qualifying Documentation Examples

PTSD Diagnosis requires two pieces of medical documentation to qualify patients for medical cannabis in the state of Utah.

#1 The Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Needs to be actively treated and monitored by a mental health therapist. See example below titled - Treatment Note

#2 The patients PTSD has been diagnosed by one of the following 1) Psychiatrist or 2) Doctorate psychologist or 3) Doctorate licensed clinical social worker or 4) Psych APRN 5) Mental health/Medical provider at the VA and documented in the patient’s record. See example below titled - Patient Visit Note

The biggest misunderstanding we encounter in our practice is that PTSD diagnosis by master degree level therapists don't qualify for medical cannabis in the state of Utah. We can't accept them for medical cannabis recommendations.

Example PTSD Qualifying Continuing Care Letter by Therapist Utah Cannabis.pdf
Patient Visit Note Example PTSD Diagnosis for website.pdf

Chronic Pain Qualifying Documentation Examples

Below is an example of a Dr note that qualifies the patient for medical cannabis in the state of Utah.

Example of Chronic Pain Patient Note Medical Cannabis Qualifies.pdf