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Published Nov 1st, 2021 by Destiny DeLange

Mental Fitness Overview

The idea of mental health is not new to any of us, however, the story around mental health is vastly outdated. What if all levels of mental well-being were within our grasp with a few simple tools and techniques? What if we could potentially deepen our understanding of our mental body so much that we gain an advantage similar to having incredible physical strength? What if we sought not just for a baseline of mental health, but to achieve greater things, and unlock our unlimited potential? Our programs teach these techniques and provide the tools necessary to unlock YOU.

Mental Fitness Basics:

Start Where You Are

Know Where You’re Going

Hack the Monkey Brain

Use Your Emotional Body

Proceed Without Fear

How We Facilitate Mental Fitness

Mental Fitness 101

Goals & Intentions Workshop


Mental Fitness Member Application

Mental Fitness Snapshot

Mental Fitness Basics

To understand the concepts of mental fitness we look to what we understand about physical fitness and apply them to our mental ‘body’ so to speak.

In physical fitness we understand that to get stronger we must use weight resistance to tear down and rebuild stronger muscles, use cardio programs to aid endurance and heart function and we use intentional movement such as yoga, pilates and even dance for focus and coordination.

Mental fitness is no different, but our judgement and stories around mental health make us blind to the functionality and possibilities in front of us.

The first step in reframing this story is to start where you are.

The Constitution of Man Diagram

Start Where You Are

You wouldn’t walk into a gym and deadlift 300 lbs if you’ve never lifted weights before in your life. In physical fitness we tend to have an understanding of our limits, and an ability to choose where and how to start to take care of our physicality. However, with mental fitness, sometimes life hands us 300lb trauma and we’re left to sort through it while feeling broken and hopeless.

The beautiful thing about mental health is that we are designed to ‘put a pin’ in that trauma until we are ready to metaphorically lift it. Although the symptoms of putting a pause on coping with trauma manifests in the form of anxiety, depression, and sometimes chronic pain. This is not a flaw in our design, it is a type of coping mechanism that allows us time and presents us with the opportunity to step into our trauma once we’re ready to lift it.

The idea of starting where you are means you take a real, honest and thorough stock of your current mental strength. There are some very simple gauges our body gives us to determine where we are in this regard.

Here are a few examples

  • Brain Fog Level

  • Emotionally Reactive

  • Creative Capacity

  • Ability to Laugh

  • Desire to be Awake

  • Energy Level

  • Ability to say ‘No’

  • Comfortability with Change

  • Appetite to Succeed

  • Daydreaming

Once you’ve taken a snapshot of your current mental stamina you can then set goals based on where you’d like to end up. Do you want to be mentally chubby, or do you want a dancer's body, or a bodybuilder's body?

You get to choose.

Know where you’re going

It’s one thing to take action with mental health when you are going through something hard or have suffered with long term effects of anxiety, depression or other mental illnesses and mood disorders. But what about when you would simply like to experience the thrill of unlocking a mental ability that you didn’t have before?

We treat mental health as if its only role is to pull us out of a dark place. I’d argue that once we have clawed and scrapped our way out of a mentally dark place we’ve hacked our system and rebuilt a piece of who we are. And if we are capable of such things, maybe we don’t need mental illness, mood disorders and trauma as a catalyst to progress mentally- and yes, I believe that illness, mood disorders and trauma can produce growth, but I don’t say that lightly, and I’m not implying mental illness or mood disorders are curable. But, when a person can get to the point where they have used these things as tools, you’ll know them for who they are. These are character giants. These are those that understand that we need a spectrum of colorful experience for our most stunning compositions.

I have personally recovered from severe PTSD that very nearly claimed my life. But once I hacked into the program of my subconscious and realized I could actively direct my mental strength I started choosing to chase some of my biggest mental challenges. I unlocked ME.

What would it take to unlock YOU, what do you see others doing that you daydream being able to do?

Some things I was envious of others for having when growing up were:

  • Social ease

  • Public speaking

  • Style: I envied those who could embrace a style outside of the ‘norm’

  • Confidence

  • An ability to adhere to one's own desires

  • An ability to say No when I wanted to

  • Easy laughter

  • Facing Fears

  • Coordination

  • Focus

  • Grit

  • Determination

  • Ambition

I now embody each of the items on this list.

Not because I was born with them, not because I was gifted with them with my parents DNA, and definitely not because they come naturally to me.

The reason I possess them now is because I decided to. I chased them. I hacked my monkey brain and exposed the route to each of these attributes I spent most of my life wishing I had.

Hacking the ‘Monkey Brain’

Have you heard the concept that it is our subconscious that drives most of our decisions? Our subconscious operates on a level similar to that of a set-point map(GPS). Throughout our life our childhood, culture and even our natural DNA has directed our decision making processes. Some philosophies argue that choice itself is an illusion because we are driven by our subconscious. But what if we could hack in and reprogram this system much like how our bodies tear muscles to rebuild stronger ones in their place to reach different goals.

We have to consciously dive into our subconscious programs and then once we get there, we have to have the courage to try a new program, and to reset our metal GPS to match our goals and desires.

It’s not a comfortable or easy process. It takes stamina, endurance, focus, and most importantly an appetite. How do you know if you’re mentally hungry? Emotions.

Our emotional body acts as an indicator to our mental strength. Our emotional body is our mental body in action, and if you know how to listen it can be your greatest tool to hack your monkey brain.

Use Your Emotional Body

How often were you told as a child; Stop crying! Don’t get angry! Be happy!

These directives to silence the emotional body generate a mentally stagnate state of being. Mentally stagnant is a polite way of saying- mentally lazy, chubby, fat.

Emotions are indicators of mental stamina. However it is NOT mental weakness to get angry, or to cry. It is weakness to suppress these sensations simply because they’re uncomfortable.

If you were to cut your finger while chopping vegetables and vocalize the pain of a deep cut, would you judge your physical body for feeling pain and then sending a message to your brain that something is wrong? No! We don’t judge physical pain the same way we judge emotional pain.

An ability to acknowledge emotional pain is a mental strength. An ability to cry, or to actively direct anger the way it was made to be used is mental stamina. An ability to identify the root of such emotions is intelligence.

Evidence shows that an ability to feel, understand and properly digest emotions can increase overall intelligence. Hello strong mental body. Hello unlocking potential. Hello YOU.

Proceed without fear by becoming accountable

What is so frightening about this process?


One of the very first things we have to do to claim our mental strength is to take accountability for our current state of mind. That means we don’t get to blame our parents, or DNA, or circumstances. We can’t even blame the concept of God; because regardless of belief system, if a god designed us, then how flawed would it be if we had zero responsibility to grow?

I am not a victim of trauma. I am not a survivor either.

I am a human who has decided to be accountable for the wellbeing of my mental body by honoring my emotional body. My mental and emotional body are strong which allows my physical body a freedom its only beginning to understand.

All three bodies act in unison to chase the simplicity of existence. To laugh freely, to effortlessly create, and to live without the weight of yesterday or the expectations of tomorrow.

I am not afraid anymore because all of my dreams exist on the other side of fear. Fear is just an indication that I’m unlocking another door.

And so far, the only monster I’ve had to face behind those doors was myself.

How we facilitate mental fitness

At Restorative Health I have implemented a subscription based program to aid in mental fitness. This program will include monthly classes, tools to facilitate growth, and an assigned accountability team.

Subscription Information

Price $28 per Month

Bi Monthly Classes each 1st and 3rd Wed of the month at 6:00 pm

You will be assigned accountability team

Mental Fitness Evaluation

Mental Fitness 101

Similar to our physical body there are practices we can implement to get strong and maintain our mental body. This class is an introduction into these concepts and methods. This group class will include a lecture on methods, techniques and concepts behind why these things work. Ths class will also include group discussion and Q&A where we can learn from each other and dial in on our own goals and aspirations.

Goals & Intentions Workshop:

In this workshop we will dial in specifically on what you are hungry for. As we dial in we can tweak our methods more specifically to achieve these goals. These goals are mental goals similar to how you’d set a physical fitness goal. We would take time to identify where you are, and where you’d like to go and intentionally reset our hard-wired subconscious brain with customized activities. This is a group class, but would be held in a fashion where we have one on one time to create personal processes to achieve your mental fitness goals. Each month we would take a new snapshot to see the progress and either continue or tweak based on personal appetite.


As a member of our program we would provide an accountability team to keep you on track. But as a bonus we can be accountable to each other in our group sessions. One of the benefits in being part of a community is being surrounded by others that are as passionate about mental fitness as you are. It's a tribe dedicated to reaching higher than we’ve been before.

Mental Fitness Member Application

Mental Fitness Snapshot