How to Get your Medical Cannabis in Utah

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Steps to getting your Medical Cannabis from a Dispensary in Utah

There are two paths to obtaining your medical cannabis after you've been approved by a Utah QMP. The Medical Cannabis Recommendation Letter (recommended for patients purchasing from 1 dispensary) or the Medical Cannabis Patient Card (recommended for patients purchasing from multiple dispensaries)

Medical Cannabis Recommendation Letter

medical cannabis recommendation letter
  1. Same level of legal protection as card
  2. Valid till Dec 31st 2020
  3. No extra fee after approved by QMP
  4. 18 - 20 year old patients are allowed to purchase medical cannabis products and do not need to have approval from the Compassionate Use Board
  5. Average time for patient to complete letter registration process. 3-4 days
  6. Letters issued after qualifying appointment
  7. Guardians with letters for their minor children may purchase medicine
  8. Allows patient to purchase at the dispensary they are approved at.
  9. Less confusing process

Medical Cannabis Patient Card

medical cannabis patient card
  1. Same level of legal protection as letter
  2. Valid for 3 Months from date of issue then must be renewed every six months
  3. $15 due to State after approved by QMP
  4. 18 - 20 year old patients are required to submit and be approved by Compassionate Use Board in order to enter dispensary. Average 90 day approval process.
  5. Average time for patient to complete card application process. 9 days
  6. Cards issued by the state via email after patient completes their electronic verification.
  7. Guardians with cards must be approved through EVS as a guardian to purchase medicine for minor
  8. Allows patient to purchase at all dispensaries.
  9. More confusing process

Medical Cannabis Recommendation Letter Process

Utah Dispensaries that require you to Preregister

Some dispensaries require patients to preregister in order to enter and purchase medical cannabis. If you show up without preregistering they will not let you in until you have done so. After you pre-register you will need to set up an appointment to meet with a dispensary pharmacist the first time going in.

Caregiver Instructions - Ensure your Medical Cannabis Recommendation Letter states that you the caregiver is a caregiver for the patient and the caregiver needs to register on the dispensary website with their ID (while also providing the patient's date of birth).

Utah Dispensaries with no pre-registration required

A few dispensaries are allowing patients with letters of recommendation and proper ID to enter the dispensary. The dispensary will confirm the letter of recommendation is valid by calling Restorative Health to verify. If you have not gotten your letter of recommendation from Restorative Health please text 385-449-0565 and we will get it to you so you can take it with you to the dispensary.

Medical Cannabis Patient Card Process

Register directly with the state

If you have not registered with the state electronic verification system (EVS) and want to apply for a state certification after your visit you will need to go to If you need help setting up your EVS account click here We are no longer taking phone calls for questions regarding the state registry system. We were spending all day answering questions and problems with their site and it wasn't sustainable. You will need to call the state help line directly 801-538-6504

Here are the steps.

1) Patient creates a state ID.

2) Patient applies for certification through This is where you choose your Qualified medical provider (QMP). Please only choose the provider name who completed your visit. You are welcome to text us once you have completed your application and you show as "awaiting certification". If you have not completed this prior to your visit it may take several days before your provider can verify your application. We log in once a day to the Utah EVS system and work on approving patients that show as awaiting certification.

3) Once we approve your certification it is your responsibility to log back into EVS. Go to tracking, select patient,select patient certification tab, select (+) New, accept the certificate, save it; go back to tracking-patient- then select payment tap, (+) New, and make your payment. This has been the most confusing portion for patients. You may need to call the state help line. Once you have made your payment the state will review your application and if approved will email you your certification care. If your cannabis evaluation visit was longer than six months ago we will need to schedule another appointment before approving you.

For questions or issues with the state website please call 801-538-6504