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Concierge Case Management

How Concierge Case Management works with our partner Consolidated Health Solutions


Your Concierge Case Management Team

Case Manager: Your personal health assistant. Their job includes the following:

    1. Explain to you the patient process (assessment, med management, pricing, etc..).

    2. Help you organize existing health information (other providers, pharmacy patient uses, insurance information, and tracking superbills from services for cash clinics, labs, etc…).

    3. Help you identifying health goals and outcomes you want to achieve.

    4. Coordinate care with other providers in your healthcare team. This includes specialty, contact information, location, and how best to exchange information with Restorative Health.

Clinic Prescriber: Your personal medical provider. Their job includes the following:

    1. This is who you will be assigned to at Restorative Health so they can recommend therapies, medication and orders labs for you. Restorative health will also refer you to see other specialists.

Administrative Assistant: They act as your virtual assistant.

    1. They will be available by phone or text for you and can answer day-to-day questions and coordinate scheduling.

Steps you will take to become a patient

  1. Together we will identify your health goals and find a case manager whose expertise match your goals and abilities.

  2. You will fill out the appropriate forms based on your symptoms or medical purpose.

  3. You will have an initial assessment with the prescriber. In that assessment medications are ordered and labs are ordered. You should plan on leaving the appointment with the following:

    • An organized treatment plan

    • Labs

    • A prescription to fill your medication

  4. Your case manager will send you a message after your visit to go over the next steps. Your case manager will spend 15 complimentary minutes with you going over Restorative Health's process to help you with future appointments, verify insurance benefits (for lab and medication costs) and then help you to assemble contact information from other providers. If you want your case manager to help you with an in-depth insurance analysis there will be a fee of $25-50. The benefit is we usually save you a significant amount.

  5. After the insurance benefits have been verified and the proper lab company determined, you are scheduled and the lab results sent to the prescribing practitioner.

  6. Your case manager will be notified when results are in and reach out to you to schedule another meeting with the prescriber. Oftentimes it's as simple as a telemedicine and medication management adjustment.

  7. Your case manager will do a follow-up call with you 2 weeks after you start your new medication to see how you are responding to the new medications. Your case manager will go over general titration and keep you organized for future visits.

  8. Your case manager will do follow-up calls or texts with you once a quarter for the first year to make sure you are responding well to your medicine.

Questionnaires are designed to help us better serve you.

    1. General Health Questionnaire: Basic functional medicine with its focus on a better diet, exercise, and a few medications that help mitigate inflammation and improve absorption of essential vitamins and minerals. This particular type of health assessment form might be referred to as:

    2. Limited Psychiatric Questionnaire: This would be primarily to promote ketamine while tapering other psychotropics the patient is on. I have a significant background to assist you in advising patients in the appropriate tapering process.

    3. Aging Questionnaire: This is for patients that are experiencing a decline in energy, libido, memory, and general mental wellbeing. ICM can provide you with many options from a functional approach. It also is one of the easiest ways to get people results quickly and generate reasonable and stable income.

    4. PCP and Medication Management Questionnaire: For patients that would like the ability to have primary care options at an affordable cash price. It would include basic care such as antibiotics, respiratory-related medicines, minimal dermatological medications, and immunity.


Case Managers: $50 per hour session

Clinic Prescriber: See all costs on the homepage.