Adderall Prescription Policy

A guideline to help you understand the process and time frame for adderall prescriptions

Helpful Advice about Adderall Prescriptions

Adderall is a Schedule II medication. Schedule II medications have a higher likelihood of abuse than Schedule III - IV medications. Schedule II medications are under greater scrutiny and require more frequent follow up appointments.

If you are coming in for Adderall previously prescribed by a different clinic we will need your medical records prior to refilling Adderall for you. Please bring your prescription records to your appointment

Appointment Prices

$50 | Simple Med Management Visit

$100 | Moderate Med Management Visit

Interested in saving money on your prescriptions?

  • Many pharmacies price match i.e. Smith’s, Wal-mart - Walgreens and CVS do not price match from our experience and on average are more expensive.

  • Mail-order pharmacies often charge less if you order in three month supply

  • Check out website

  • Use generics instead of brand name drugs when possible.