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Medical Appointment Types
in Utah

Helpful information about appointments and medication refill policy

Prescription Medication Policy

We work hard to make every visit affordable and meaningful.

When scheduling an appointment with our medical providers there are some general guidelines you can use to determine the approximate cost of your appointment. We base the visit cost on the approximate time it usually takes us to complete the visit. We encourage patients to come prepared to their appointment so they spend less money on their medical care.

Prescription medications are scheduled from Schedule II to Schedule IV:

  • Schedule I are illegal drugs and can not be prescribed.

  • Schedule II medications have a higher likelihood of abuse than and are under greater scrutiny and require more frequent follow up appointments and longer appointments

  • Scheduled III medications are less likely to be abused than Schedule II and require less oversight and generally shorter visits

  • Scheduled IV medications are less likely to be abused than Schedule III.

  • Unscheduled medications are the least likely to be abused.

If you are coming in for medications previously prescribed by a provider outside of our practice we will need your medical records prior to refilling those medications for you. Your medical records can be delivered via:

Appointment with Patient Rita Rutland

Appointment type based on complexity of the appointment

Complex Patient Visit | $200

(Recommended for All New Patients)

Complex patient visits are the most in depth visit offered with a comprehensive look into all aspects of a patient's health; including review of past and current health issues, medications, treatments, diet, environmental and lifestyle factors, and develop an individual health plan based on goals. Approximate length 60 minutes

Visit Examples

  • Visit for persistent nausea with no known origin.

  • Visit for complex chronic pain.

Moderate Patient Visit | $100

The moderate complex patient visit is best suited for patients that have two medical conditions that are ongoing. Approximate Length 30 Minutes

Visit Examples

  • Initial and 6-month follow up for ketamine trochee or nasal spray

  • Initial visit for hormones; testosterone, thyroid, estrogen

  • Visit for persistent nausea with known origin

  • Visit for simple chronic pain

  • Visit for anxiety/depression/suicidal idealization

  • Visit to cover blood sugar levels, skin infection, earaches, stomach issues, eye issues, swollen eyes, red rashes, bumpy rash, throwing up, headaches, yeast infections, blood in urine, cramps, pain in the arm

  • 6 month follow up for hormones; testosterone, thyroid, estrogen

Simple Patient Visit | $65

A simple patient visit is ideal for patients with one medical complication and prescription. Approximate Length 15 Minutes

Visit Examples

  • Ketamine trochee or nasal spray 30-day and 90-day refill visits

  • Medical cannabis 90-day renewal

  • Hormone lab follow up

  • Refill for acyclovir for herpes outbreak

  • One medication refill

  • Antibiotics for urinary tract infection

  • Birth control refill

Appointment type based on the schedule of the medication

Schedule II Medications


  • Oxycodone (OxyContin, Percocet)

  • Hydrocodone (Norco)

  • Morphine (MS Contin)

  • Methadone

  • Dilaudid

  • Fentanyl (Duragesic)

The medical providers at Restorative Health do not prescribe or refill for new opioid patients.


  • Amphetamine (Dexedrine, Adderall)

  • Methamphetamine (Desoxyn)

  • Methylphenidate (Ritalin)

  • Lisdexamfetamine (Vyvanse)

Appointment Requirements:

Stimulants require a visit 4 weeks after the initial visit ($65) then a recurring visit every 12 weeks (approx 3 months) $65. Please set up a recurring 12-week visit | Refills will be sent every 28 days no need to contact the office. If you are coming in for Adderall previously prescribed by a different clinic we will need your medical records prior to refilling Adderall for you. Please bring your prescription records to your appointment

Schedule III - IV Medications


  • Ketamine Nasal spray

  • Ketamine Trochees

Appointment Requirements:

  1. Initial at home use $190.

  2. Any prescription change requests will require a simple med management appointment $65. i.e. switching from the trochees to the nasal spray or switching from the trochees to the suppositories.

  3. Follow-up appointments are required with the prescribing medical provider in 30 days ($65), then 90 days ($65) and, then every 6 months ($130).

Hormone Therapy

  • Testosterone

  • Thyroid

  • Estrogen

Initiating testosterone therapy requires medical labs to be drawn and Restorative Health is in possession of the results prior to scheduling an appointment. Routine monitoring of blood work will be required throughout the course of treatment.

Appointment Requirements:

$100 Moderate complex appointment every six months.

  • Benzodiazepines (Lorazepam, Clonazepam, Alprazolam)

  • Medical cannabis (not an FDA approved drug) but the state of Utah treats it similar to a schedule III

  • Codeine

  • Lyrica

  • Tramadol

  • Testosterone

Non-Scheduled Medications

  • Atorvastatin

  • Glyburide

  • Lisinopril

  • Metformin

  • Hydroxyzine (Atarax)

  • LDN

  • Naltrexone

Still have questions? Text us and we can clarify which appointment you'll need 385-449-0565

Medication refills require a follow-up appointment once per year. Changes to non-scheduled drugs require an appointment to change.

If you aren’t set up on a recurring appointment and want your medications to be filled in a timely manner please contact William at 385-449-0565 and I will help you get set up.

Interested in saving money on your prescriptions?

  • Many pharmacies' price match i.e. Smith’s, Wal-mart - Walgreens, and CVS do not price match from our experience and on average are more expensive.

  • Mail-order pharmacies often charge less if you order in three month supply

  • Check out the GoodRx.com website

  • Use generics instead of brand name drugs when possible.