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Treatment Prices

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Ketamine Infusions | $150 - $250

New Patient Ketamine Consultation | Free

  • All new ketamine patients are required to have 30 minute discovery consultation to determine whether ketamine infusions are an appropriate medical treatment.

Ketamine IM Infusion | $180

  • Ketamine is administered intramuscular. Typical dosing for infusions is 50 mg and 125 mg based on patient weight, patient feedback and health goals

Ketamine IV Push Infusion | $245

  • Ketamine is administered intravenously over a shorter amount of time

Ketamine IV Drip Infusion | $245

  • Ketamine is administered intravenously over the course of 45 minutes

Ketamine Troche Therapy | $150

  • Ketamine is administered via trochee with our case management (Must be bought in a set of 3 ($150 each) Can be done at home +$50 per treatment

Ketamine Guide | + $30 per session

  • The ketamine guide will be with you the entire duration of the infusion.

Ketamine Therapist | + $45 per session

  • The ketamine therapist will be with you the entire duration of the infusion.

Patient Visits | $50 - $200

Simple Patient Visit 15 min | $50

  • A simple patient visit is ideal for patients with one prescription refill

Moderate Complex Patient Visit 30 min | $100

  • All new scheduled drug prescriptions require a 30-minute appointment. Applicable to both new and established patients. This visit is best suited for patients that have two medical conditions or prescriptions that are ongoing.

Complex Patient Visit 60 min | $200 (Recommended for all new patients)

  • Complex patient visits are the most in depth visit offered with a comprehensive look into all aspects of a patient's health; including review of past and current health issues, medications, treatments, diet, environmental and lifestyle factors, and develop in individual health plan based on goals

  • This visit is ideal for patients with three or more issues to cover during the medical evaluation

Hormone Therapy | $200

1 Hour Hormone Analysis Appointment x 2 & 30 Minute Medical Review | $200*

  • Symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, depression, lack of interest in doing things, low energy, and decreased libido are often linked to hormone imbalance and nutritional deficiencies. Identifying possible causes and treatments for these symptoms can drastically improve quality of life

*Price doesn't include labs or additional follow up appointments. Click here to see lab prices.

Medical Cannabis | $50 - $180

Initial Medical Cannabis Marijuana Evaluation | $180

  • Comprehensive Medical Evaluation (requires a qualifying condition in the State of Utah, see below)

90-Day Medical Cannabis Card Renewal | $50

  • Utah law requires that the initial medical cannabis prescription card renewal be in 90 days

6-Month Medical Cannabis Card Renewal | $130

  • Utah law requires that medical cannabis prescription cards be renewed every 6 months after the initial renewal

Qualifying conditions

  • AIDS

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

  • Alzheimer’s disease

  • Autism

  • Cachexia

  • Cancer

  • Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis

  • Epilepsy or debilitating seizures

  • Hospice care patients

  • Multiple sclerosis or debilitating muscle spasms

  • Pain/Chronic Pain

  • Nausea/Persistent

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  • Rare conditions Terminal illness

  • Compassionate Use Board for approval.

Palliative Care | $50 - $250

Palliative Care Visit | Estimated Price $50 - $250

  • Palliative care provides comfort and relief from serious illnesses that is life-limiting. It is available immediately after diagnosis and can be given alongside curative care

  • This care serves as an extra layer of support to help you manage your illness and remain independent at home. If you are receiving care in an assisted living we can work alongside your healthcare team to provide palliative care in that setting

Case Management | $50

Patient Consultation 1 Hour | $50

  • The most effective way to get in depth medical care with our medical providers at a fraction of the normal cost. Can take place either before or after patient's visit with their medical provider

IV Relief Packages | $95

Migraine Relief IV | $95

  • Ideal for individuals suffering from migraines. Similar IV cocktail administered in well managed hospital emergency rooms.

Diphenhydramine | Prevent feeling of inner restlessness, mental ache and involuntary muscle contractions

Toradol | Reduces hormones that cause inflammation

Compazine | Influences dopamine to reduce migraine pain and helps stop nausea

1000 mL Normal Saline | Hydration for patients depleted due to vomiting or lack of fluid intake

A La Carte

+ $15 Vitamin B Complex | Helps prevent migraines

+ $30 DMSO Rub (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) | Applied topically to treat painful headaches

About Restorative Health Treatments

    • We provide personal 1 on 1 care.

    • We do house calls. We come to you!

    • We are often more affordable than people's co-pay on their insurance.

    • We follow up with our patients to ensure they see positive health outcomes.

    • We work with patients to try new medications that will improve health outcomes and decrease the prescription cost.